Dyaxis 1 firmware release note v4.16 January 1, 2005

1) Disclaimer

This firmware is offered as a service to the user community without warranty of any kind. If you encounter a bug which seems firmware-related, let me know and I will attempt to fix it, but accept no obligation or committment to do so.

2) Starting with v4.00, an important change was made to Dyaxis 1 systems to support Macintosh System 7.5 and later. As part of this upgrade, the SCSI id used by the Dyaxis processor has been changed in firmware from 7 to 6. This means that id 6 can no longer be used for other system components. Please make sure that none of your disk drives or other SCSI devices are set to id 6 before proceeding. Remember also that MacMix 3.2 is not compatible with System 7.x as it is not "32-bit clean". If you don't plan to upgrade your Mac system or add drives, ignore the following: Your StuderBacker software may not be compatible and a current version of Retrospect is recommended instead. Studer Disk Utilities may not be compatible and FWB Hard Disk Toolkit is recommended instead.

3) Starting with firmware v4.00, a set of internal DIP switches allows the power-up configuration of the Dyaxis processor to be set. The switches are in a small block to the right of the black heatsink, about six inches behind the front panel. Numbered from left to right, the 'on' position is toward the rear of the processor.

Switch On Function Off Function
     1. not used leave off
     2. 48 kHz samplerate   44.1 kHz samplerate
     3. Digital Input Analog Input
     4. Input Monitor Reproduce Monitor
     5. AES/EBU Output S/PDIF Output
     6. AES Clock Source Internal Clock if 7 also off
     7. S/PDIF Clock Source Internal Clock if 6 also off
     8.  not used leave off

     4) This release adds support for ATA type PC drives with the Acard ARS-2000FU SCSI Bridge adapter. This accessory converts virtually any ATA drive to SCSI. Only the Seagate ST340014A and ST340016A 40 gB drives have been fully tested with Dyaxis. Most ATA-4 and Ultra ATA drives should work. As with all Dyaxis 1 hard drives, partition size should be 2 gB or less. PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT recommend using the external Jaz 1 drive sold by Iomega, as several problems have been reported, including poor SCSI performance and driver incompatibility. The external Jaz drives sold by LaCie, FWB and other third-party sources are a better choice. Be sure the drive you purchase has two full-size 50-pin SCSI connectors. All the older Dyaxis drives are still supported, but some may not be compatible with System 7.5.

5) Drives supported:

Seagate ST340014A and ST340016A 40 gB with Acard ARS2000FU SCSI Bridge

Seagate Barracuda ST318417 and ST318418 18 gB

IBM Ultrastar18ES 9.1 gB DCHS09Z and DNES-309170

Quantum Fireball Stratus ST6.4S and ST3.2S (6.4 and 3.2 gB)

Seagate Medalist ST52160N 2.1 gbyte

Iomega Jaz 1 gB removable (use SilverLining v5.6.4, Anubis or FWB driver)

Quantum Atlas XP34300 4.2 gB

IBM Ultrastar DORS-32160 2.1 gbyte

Quantum FIREBALL1280S 1.2 gbyte

Quantum GRAND PRIX XP34301 4.3 gbyte

Quantum FIREBALL1080S 1.0 gbyte

Quantum ATLAS XP32150 2.1 gbyte

Micropolis 2217AV 1.7 gbyte

Maxtor P1-17S Panther 1.7 gbyte

Maxtor XT-8380S 380 mbyte

Maxtor P0-12S Panther 1.2 gbyte

Maxtor LXT-340S 340 mbyte 3.5 in

Maxtor XT-4380S 380 mbyte

Maxtor XT-8760S 760 mbyte


a) Make sure power is off! Remove the old EPROM carefully, using a small screwdriver to lever it out of the socket. Do not use excessive force.

b) Examine the new EPROM. One end has a small notch, and this end should be toward the black heat sink.

c) Carefully insert the new EPROM in the socket, making sure that all pins enter the socket straight. Press gently into place. Recheck the chip orientation(see b).