MPE-200 Microphone Preamplifier / Equalizer

"I love the sound - I would say it has that elusive 'magic' quality that makes everything sound better." -- Andrew

The MPE-200 is the first product in the Element 78 line of Class A solid state signal processing units from Summit Audio. The MPE-200 features two channels of microphone preamp and two channels of parametric EQ, all discrete class A transformer coupled, designed by Summit Audio with Mr. Rupert Neve. Add to the incredible sound of these preamps and EQ's the versatility, precision, and control of a digital interface, and the vision of Element 78 is realized: a no-compromise analog signal path combined with an easy-to-use and powerful digital front-end.

Additional Information:

Features include 25 on-board presets for instant recall and reset capabilities, full MIDI support for storage of settings and automation, two world-class microphone preamps, two four band parametric equalizers (preamps and EQ can be used separately or routed together internally), two filters per preamp (high and/or low pass, stackable for 24 dB/ octave rolloff), 48 volt phantom power, phase reversal, analog fading and more.

Key Features:

  • Two Channels
  • Virtually No High Order Harmonics
  • High Performance Microphone Amplifiers with Dual Range HP/LP Filter Section
  • Store and Reset, Copy and Remote Control
  • Coarse and Fine Gain Control for Each Section
  • MIDI Controllable
  • Instrumentation Type Input Amplifiers
  • Twenty-Five User Definable Memories
  • Independent Four Band Classic Equalizer
  • Floating and Balanced Output Transformers
  • Massive Dynamic Range
  • Traditional Analog Type Controls and Readouts for Ease of Operation
  • Selling Price: $5,000

Winner of MIX Magazine's prestigious TEC Award (pictured)