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Our sata24 caddy enables use of SATA hard drives in the HD24 (OS 1.21 upgrade required).
It is designed to work best with new 2-1/2 inch SATA drives including the OCZ Vertex3 SSD.

These new drives are inexpensive and widely available through US retail outlets, like Best Buy and Staples.
You can also use a 3-1/2 inch full-size SATA drive but the drive will project through the front of the caddy.
See the pictures below for details.   Click here for a full list of tested drives

Sorry, SOLD OUT!
There are no more parts available
so future production is unlikely.

This sata24 caddy needs HD24 firmware OS v1.21
Click here for details and download

Drives not included

Get Marc Brevoort's excellent HD24tools software here

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