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Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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Magic Sound designs embedded microcontroller systems for many applications.

From conception and specification to final delivery, our precise and complete documentation ensures a cost-effective and maintainable product realization.

Here are some examples of past projects. Please click on the Product name for details.Use your browsers BACK button to return to this page.

Summit Audio MPE-200


Summit Audio, Inc

As Project Manager and principal designer of the Element78 product line, I contributed the digital hardware, firmware, power supply, and the overall package including thermal management, integration and debugging, and I wrote the manual. The analog signal path was designed by the late Rupert Neve, a leader in the field.



E-mu Systems, Inc

System analysis and documentation. Algorithm design and implementation for SCSI disk i/o and tape backup.

Cinema 6000  1993-1994

Liberty (now a VDS product)

CMX Chyron

Audio software and drivers for the Cinema (stand alone) and Liberty (Silicon Graphics based) video editing platforms.




Studer Editech Corp.

Hardware, firmware and GUI (Mac) software for digital audio workstations. I contributed all the firmware for Dyaxis I, and the serial interface and machine control components for Dyaxis II.

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